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Control real estate condition, meter readings and payment discipline
for utility services.

What is Orendar?

Orendar is a software product providing efficient remote cooperation between the real estate owner and its lessees by exchanging the information using photo reports on premise condition, meter readings and utilities payment procedure.

Who needs


I’m the owner and I use a mobile app Orendar. Thanks to Orendar, there is no need to offline control my property.


I’m the lessee and I also use a mobile app Orendar. Thanks to Orendar, I spend less time for report generation.

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How Orendar

Learn more of how owner and lessee are
cooperating when using Orendar.


Installing a mobile

Owner and lessee install a mobile app on their smartphones.


Agreeing the terms and

Owner and lessee agree the time when the lessee must send on owner’s e-mail a photo report generated according to the algorithm established in the mobile app.


Sending photo

As agreed, the lessee sends a photo report on owner’s e-mail using a mobile app Orendar.

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